I have always been fascinated by human potential.

From my time in Talmudical seminary, until today, helping people grow and thrive has been the common thread between all of my various projects. 

I am now focused on helping people transform through evolving how they show up, collaborate, and organize at work.

Here are some of my favorite projects. 


Leadership & Team Coaching  


The most powerful learning happens in context. My coaching practice is focused on helping leaders and teams develop as they engage in their day-to-day challenges and opportunities.

Organizational Consulting


Our complex, interconnected world is demanding new ways of working and organizing. As a partner at The Ready I support fortune 500 companies in becoming more human, innovative, and agile. 

Educational Reform


I began my career helping schools break free of the Prussian-industrial educational design. I now support progressive education as a board member of Lamplighters Yeshiva and as a lecturer at Primzah's Educational Leadership program.  


Doctoral Research


A true theory nerd, I am excited to continually integrate theory and practice. As a doctoral student at Columbia University I am studying the interconnectedness between individual and organizational transformation. 



"Ideas are the currency of the 21st century". My talks draw on academic research and my experience working with teams and organizations to share the mindsets and practices that maximize performance, learning, and flourishing. 

Video-Feedback Coaching


Technology can be a powerful coaching tool. Building on the work of my mentor Barry Jentz, I co-developed a methodology that uses video-feedback to accelerate leadership development and learning.


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